Vex 5 Game unblocked at school

A new adventure is up for Vex. Your mission in this game is to forge through challenging puzzles, fight the enemies along the way as you try to reach your final destination.

To start with, select a character that will be going on the journey. There are five characters to choose from and each one of them has unique abilities and weapons they can use during their journey.

Gameplay wise, Vex 5 is pretty easy to understand where you need to go which is marked by flags that are scattered all over the map. But still there are problems along the way like boulders blocking paths or axes not strong enough to cut some ropes that you need in order to proceed even further into the game.

So you upgrade your weapon if needed – this can be done by using the number keys on your keyboard. Your character will do everything automatically, you only need to control their movement and their attack speed which is very easy.

Be careful though because if you want to upgrade a weapon or change it for another one, you need to go back into the inventory shop that’s marked with a flag icon in case you are not sure where it stands. 

In this case, once upgraded – weapons cannot be removed from slots so make sure you choose wisely before doing anything. The game gives us two options when we enter; either play story mode or play freeplay mode. 

If we decide to start playing the story mode first then our journey will consist of 5 levels total leading up to the final destination and ending point of the game. On the other hand , if freeplay mode is selected then it will start off at level 1 and there’s no end to this one which basically means unlimited play in this category.

Please be aware that while playing, do not forget you have a life bar too . If you are hit by an enemy even once, your life bar will be drained down drastically so avoid contact with them as much as possible or collect batteries along the way in order to gain back health. Also keep in mind that there are checkpoints scattered all around levels but only 5 times per stage – they serve like extra lives if we fail at some point. Every time we take down an enemy, we get points based on its difficulty; weaker ones are worth 1 point and more advanced ones are worth 2.

All in all, Vex is a pure adrenaline break . At times it gets very challenging which is why it’s not an individual venture . It’s best to do this with friends so we can have a humoristic chat about the whole process of playing while taking breaks every once in a while if needed. That way, we’ll be able to pause the game until we pick up where we left off.

What I dislike about Vex 5 Game is that some levels just keep repeating themselves and there isn’t much diversity (e.g.: when two stages look exactly alike). Also, this one doesn’t come without glitches due to its popularity – sometimes it freezes midway even though you did nothing wrong. But it’s all about patience, so keep that in mind.

What do I like? Well, it lasts long (especially if you play the whole thing on your own), and some of the levels come with high difficulty which again makes this game interesting . I would say the drawback is that there aren’t enough obstacles to make things more complicated. 

Not many players have reached the end of Vex 5 Game and I dare not spoil anything! All I will say is: try using a walkthrough because otherwise, you could be stuck for days without getting anywhere at all.

The sound effects were well thought out since they resemble real-life noises very closely – from the moment we get into moving something around to when we are being attacked by that strange worm. 

I also love the fact that each death is rewarded with a satisfying splash sound. The music is not extraordinary but it doesn’t have to be since you won’t get too relaxed playing Vex 5 online game unblocked .

Level design was rather standard for this type of puzzle:

Level design was rather standard for this type of puzzle; nothing really new or innovative. When we hear Vex Unblocked Game , we immediately think of red stone cubes and other objects which are shattered in different shapes when we unleash our “destructive” power on them, because we can’t move them around in any way whatsoever – they are firmly stuck onto its place! This game lets us do just what’s needed: destroy things in order to proceed.

And while this may sound strange to some, there are actually people who prefer such “classic” style instead of games like The Room or Monument Valley because those are just too calm and lack the whole “destroy thing” part.